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Baby Born Socks 2x3 Assorted 43cm

Baby Born Socks 2x3 Assorted 43cm

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  • Original clothing for the BABY born branded doll Expands the possibilities for play, sparks the imagination and encourages creative role play Very easy to put on and take off

Description of product

So much choice sweeps BABY born right off her feet. No wonder she prefers just wearing her socks! Shoes would only hide her great footwear. The plain-coloured socks come in red, pink and turquoise with fun incorporated white laces. And if she feels like attracting attention, BABY born wears her ringed socks in all the colours of the rainbow or the blue ones with space motifs. Traditional grey socks with flower pattern and decorated red closures are perfect for wearing with an elegant little dress. If you wear socks, you can also pretend to be on ice across the parquet flooring in your living room. Wheeee!


Product TypeBaby Dolls
Target GroupGirl

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