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Baby Born Soft Touch Little Girl 36Cm

Baby Born Soft Touch Little Girl 36Cm

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  • Babyborn Soft Touch Little With 6 lifelike functions for lots of fun
  • Varied (role) play with Babyborn boosts the imagination and has been proven to support the development of social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy
  • No batteries required

Description of product

Just like other babies, the sweet little one s favourite activities include sucking on her bottle and sleeping. After drinking from her bottle, she does a wee in her nappy or in the pink potty. While she practices a lot with her bunny-shaped plate and spoon, she can t really eat by herself yet. Her arms, legs and head are mobile. Luckily, the pink romper gives her enough freedom of movement. After playing to her heart s content and taking a bath, she is usually tired enough to close her eyes immediately when she is put to bed. But sometimes she simply doesn t want to fall asleep yet and cries real doll tears.


Product TypeDolls
Targeted GroupGirls

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