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Baby Chair


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  • Durable Design: This small chair may be sized for young children, but it's also built tough to keep up with their demands. Whether it's frequently tipped to the floor, occupied by a "wiggle worm," or frequently scooted around the floor or carpeting, you can count on this tough kids' chair to stay in one piece, ready for another day of fun and learning.
  • Smart Storage: When you need to rearrange the room or clean up, these baby chairs nestle into one another for vertical stacking. This shape minimizes their storage footprint, enabling you to easily keep a stack tucked in a corner or closet, easily accessible whenever they're needed. These baby chairs are a must for "close quarters" setups that may host multiple children, such as daycares, homeschooling, and kindergarten classrooms.
  • Trustworthy Strength: The overall structure is built tough, but the seat can also handle the pressure of use as well. Able to handle up to 21 kilograms of static weight, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and grade-schoolers alike will love settling into their new favorite chair. It's also built-in one solid piece, which means there are no weak points to bend or break.
  • Simple to Clean: The high-quality propylene material is non-absorbent, which means that a quick spray of disinfecting cleaner or a mild detergent and a soft cloth is all that's needed to keep the surface looking new. While these chairs stay easily in place while in use, they're also light enough for little hands to carry them across the classroom for different activities.
  • Scaled for Kids: This is a chair made just for kids, and they're sure to love it from the very first time they sit down. At 43 cm high in the seat, 33 cm deep from front to back, and 31 cm wide from side to side, it gives them room to grow while still staying well-scaled for younger users.
  • Made of high-quality plastic material which makes it strong and durable. Up-to 21 kg of static weight load capacity.

Description of product

Small children often struggle with navigating adult-size chairs: they need to climb up into them, their legs can't hang down properly, and the back isn't built to support a body that's still growing. This plastic baby chair gives them a seat made specifically for their size and shape, all with bright, appealing, and kid-approved color, as well as a whimsical graphic on the seat. With their own chair to sit in, they can better focus on the world around them instead of constantly wiggling in place - an important benefit for the classroom or homeschooling, particularly at preschool or kindergarten ages.


Model Number IFHHBY148
Product Type Junior Chairs
Target Group Preschool and kindergarten kids
Material Plastic
Product Length 33cm
Product Width 31cm
Product Height 43cm
Product Weight 0.55kg
Brand Cosmoplast

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