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Junior Crown Armchair


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  • Durable Resin: These chairs won't splinter or absorb water like wooden versions, and they won't get dangerously hot or cold like metal options often do, particularly when used outside. The high-quality propylene material is made thick to hold up to daily use without warping, bending, or cracking. Cleaning is as simple as using a spray disinfectant and a soft cloth - with a few swipes, the non-porous surface looks like new in moments.
  • Perfect Posture: For kids that tend to slouch and lean, the firm back of this kid-sized plastic chair will help them keep better posture. The design features an artistic slat-style back for cooling and airflow, making these chairs a great choice for using outdoors in the summer. Slats in the seat bed make them perfect for poolside use, or even all-weather outdoor use, as the drainage design means that rainwater won't collect in the seat.
  • Suitable for All Children: Each chair holds up to 34 kilograms of static weight, ensuring that kids - from the youngest kindergartener to older grade school-aged siblings - can sit comfortably. As a child grows from the toddler stage and beyond, they'll always have a "big kid" seat that fits them perfectly.
  • Stackable to optimize storage efficiency
  • Proper seating posture
  • Made of high-quality plastic material which makes it strong and durable

Description of product

Keeping children from fidgeting takes a lot of things: patience, good behavior, and a strong chair. The comfortable Junior Crown Armchair is built just for them, and made with a sturdy propylene one-piece frame that stands up to the worst case of the wiggles they can dish out. It's all-weather as well, which means it can be used indoors or outdoors - a versatile kid-centric seating solution that's perfect for casual home or even classroom use. This stylish chair also features a bright all-over color that appeals to kids - perfect for encouraging them to take a seat.


Model Number IFHHCH168
Product Type Junior Chairs
Target Group Preschool and kindergarten kids
Material Plastic
Product Length 40cm
Product Width 38cm
Product Height 53cm
Product Weight 0.75kg
Brand Cosmoplast

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