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Adidas Speed Super Pro Shin-N-Step


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  • Outside PU resistant material
  • Inside I-Comfort+ dopling quick drying and anti-slip material
  • Newly developed IMF preformed high compression foam
  • Homogeneous level of shock absorption
  • Double rigid velcro strap closing system for ultra-firm adjustment

Description of product

Adidas Speed Shin & Instep Pad is made of PU resistant material. Inner part is constructed with I-Comfort+ dopling quick drying & anti-slip fabric for maximum comfort. Molded with newly developed IMF preformed high compression foam padding which provides homogeneous level of shock absorption. Ergonomic shape for optimal performance. Reinforced with double rigid velcro closing system for ultra-firm adjustment. Designed for kick-boxing & combat sports, those protectors are offering the best equipment for training and sparring sessions, with an optimized level of safety.


Target GroupUnisex
Model NumberADIGSSM011
Product TypeShin & Step
Country Of OriginPakistan

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