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Adidas Waterpro Punch Bag

Adidas Waterpro Punch Bag


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  • Water-filled boxing ball that ideally absorbs knocks and hits and imitates a real workout feeling
  • Ultra-resistant synthetic outer material that withstands multiple sessions
  • Equipped with an eyelet and a shackle on which you can hang the punching bag
  • Ensures high impact absorption for impact safety
  • Serves as an ideal accessory for professional training support

Description of product

A Waterpro Punchbag is a boxing ball made of a special plastic and filled with water. Since it is filled with water, the Waterpro Punchbag absorbs the hits optimally and ensures a lifelike training. The advantage of the Waterpro Punchbag is that you can fill it with water yourself. It is equipped with an eyelet and a shackle on which you can hang the punching bag. The eye of the Waterpro Punchbag is additionally reinforced with a metal ring so that the eye does not get caught by the weight. A very stable and robust rope is available for hanging up the Waterpro Punchbag, with which you can vary the height. The Waterpro Punchbags are currently an absolute hit in both martial arts and fitness.


Target GroupUnisex
Model NumberADIWPP
Product TypePunching Bag
Country Of OriginNetherland

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